If you’ve ever built a website before, you probably know the feeling. It sounds something like this: ”If I can just get this website done already….!”

And then you have all kinds of plans…. Once the site is done, you’re going to put the URL on your business cards, you’re going to jumpstart your social media accounts, you’re going to pay for advertising, you’ll start your email marketing, etc….

But the truth is that websites Астана достопримечательности are ever-evolving. Call them blogs, call them live updates, call them news pages, or at the very least accept that they are ”works in progress.” Websites are never truly “finished.” They just become closer to what we want to present now. And that “now” can change every moment of the day.

So at what point will you print those business cards or send out that massive “we’ve launched” email? How do you know when you’re ready? And what if your programmer is only half-finished?

We can’t tell you what other people do, but at i-Point Web Design, we have a pretty clear point at which your site is finished. You’ve sent us all the content you want on the site, we’ve incorporated your logo or other design elements, you’re satisfied with the design, we’ve uploaded your content, and the site is fully presentable to your audience. There is not a single “under construction” page or dead link.  And the kicker is….

You’re now proud to say you have a website.

So ok, maybe you planned a custom payment form down the line. Or you had an idea for a feature animation on the homepage. Hold onto that thought. You have a website. It’s live. It makes you look good. Go ahead and promote it! Then let’s talk about your ideas to add to it. Did you want a photo gallery? Do you need to add a page? How about a video?

Your website will continue to evolve.

And it should. Your work isn’t one thing always and forever. Whether you are a business, a non-profit, or an individual practitioner, your work will change over time. And so should your website.

And if your programmer is lagging behind on the work or your website is looking lopsided and funky, switch away fast! Each day wasted is at your expense. You’ll just wait weeks and weeks to send out that “we’ve launched” email and your deadlines will keep moving on down the road.


So don’t stick around if you can get your “finished” site quickly from another designer, even if you have to start from scratch.

Need a great site fast? Ask i-Point Web Design about our One Day WordPress Websites.

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